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Paulownia trees planted for you

How I Fell in Love With a Tree

I started to love a tree in my yard when I was a little boy.

I never knew what type of tree it was until about 3 years ago, and I have fallen in love with them.

The tree would flower in the spring, but it had huge jungle leaves in the summer, and it grew insanely fast.

This magical tree is the Paulownia elongata.

I am a teen with a dream to see this tree growing around DeLand.

I would like to turn its amazing properties into a business. 

When you buy a tree from me, I will come to your house and plant it for you.

About the Paulownia Elongata and Its Amazing Features

The Paulownia elongata is a non-invasive, fast-growing tree used for improving your landscape. This tree can grow up to 10-20 feet in its first year of growth and gets to 60 feet in 4-5 years, is drought-tolerant, deer-tolerant, and cold-tolerant down to 0°F—although I don't think it will ever get down to that temperature in Central Florida.

This tree is a beauty all year round. In the spring, it has new growth and is covered in beautiful purple-pink flowers. In the summer, it is green and blocks all light under its cascade. 

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